Hue Abandoned Water Park

Ho Thuy Tien is a vietnamese name of Hue Abandoned Water Park. It started to build in 2004 for the tourists can come to have a visit with beautiful nature surround but it never completed finish because of running out of money for building this.  But this overgrown abandoned waterpark in central Vietnam has become a ‘must-see’ for adventurous travellers after it was left to its own devices for over a decade.In the beginning of 2004 to 2006, this abandoned water park even have some visitors came for sightseeing. Because it could not finish so now this place become abandoned. Surprisingly, in recent years, Ho Thuy Tien has became a hot place of visitors coming to Hue because of the architecture and nature over the park.Now, the slides are covered in leaves and palm trees grow through their spirals, while the pools are filled with murky algae-infested waters. Especially, there were crocodiles living during 10 years. In the middle of the park, there is a head of dragon statue in the river. All of the architecture here will make you impress. Sadly, this place has abandoned already more than 10 years.  There are many things to see here and will be an interesting adventure for you in  Hue New Experience tour by motorbike